I work to live. I don’t live to work

I had intended to post this over the weekend, but never ended up doing it.

I hit the links on Friday which my buddy Matt, who has been one of my closest friends since high school.   It ended up being quite a good time, outside of the random bug bites or whatever on my legs.

There is actually a point of this post, rather than just to say that I golfed, look at me.   I have come to the realization that it is important that I take time away from working in order to do something productive outside of my norm.   I enjoy my job.  Just like everyone, I enjoy it much more sometimes that others.  But sometimes I get too honed in on work.  Projects always come up, deadlines abound, I think you know how this goes, and everyone has their own version these types of issues.

This is never going to change…these job responsibilities will always be there.   But, they do not have to drive your life and the way you live it.

I first noticed this when I left the world of radio, after working for Clear Channel for so long.  When you are knee deep in your job, whatever it is, you think that the world revolves around it.  I know that I did at CC.  But when I left, and had been gone for a few months, it really dawned on me that not everyone cares about this, or that, in radio.  Point of this is not to discuss the validity and relevance of radio (that is for another day), rather it is to illustrate the point that when I was in it, it was all that seemed important.  Once out, I discovered that was not the case.

Fast forward to present day.  While I may have learned the lesson above almost 5 years ago, my thick scull did not actually process and act upon it until recently.  In fact, I did just the opposite, I fell back into the same habit.   I would work on projects all the time, the topic of my work and company dominated my personal life.   It was not a good thing.    This is not me saying that being dedicated to a job is not a good thing.   I have always worked very hard, and I will continue to do so.    With that said…I will not longer let it dominate my life.   It is really time for me to take into consideration my mental well being, my family, just topics and ideas that are outside of work.

In re-reading this, it comes of as a bit preachy, which was not the intention.   The intention was simple….I played golf on friday 🙂