Some Pimptastic Star Wars Posters

So I have been on a bit of poster kick lately.   Well, let me amend that statement, I have been on a design kick lately, and that has manifested itself into a poster kick lately.

I used to do a great deal of design work when I was at the CC Ranch (Clear Channel).   That was really the one aspect of my time there that I genuinely do miss.   The thing about web design is that is has a shelf life.  Sometimes years.  Sometimes months.  Sometimes even days.  But as sure as the sun will rise, a website design will change.  And then, you are left with a whole lot of nothing.

But, enough rambling about my design aspirations.  That can be an entire (lenghty) post all to itself.    Bottom line, I have been kinda into posters lately; but posters that put a new, interesting spin on a concept or topic I enjoy.

Right now, that is Star Wars.   There are a ton of pretty run of the mill posters for Star Wars out there.   The ones I gravitate towards are real art pieces.

The first ones that I LOVE are these three by Ant Lucia.   They are WWII Pin Up Style (which I love), and when displayed as a set, they color and design should be simply stunning.    You know them must be good posters if my wife actually said I did not have to isolate them to my office.

I am in the process of getting them framed.  When that is done, I will be one happy man for sure.

The other one is this set of 6 that I found on Etsy.   Mondo did a set of posters that have some similarity to this (which were unbelievable, but also stupid expensive).  But I dig these as well..

If you are at all a Star Wars fan…I would encourage  you to check one, or both, sets out.