I swing my beat at the playground

Sometimes life has a way of sending you curveballs.

Might be in your professional life. Might be in your personal life. I have found that it is usually difficult to separate the two. But the one constant in life is change.

Change can be scary. It can also be invigorating.

I have reached a point in my professional career when it might be time to look for the “next” thing. This will of course mean change. Initially, it will be scary. But in the profession that I am in, I feel lack of change (and thus establishment of routine) can be dangerous. You don’t know at the time that you normal routine has caused lethargy. But the comfort level that exists with a lack of the unknown might be the biggest hurdle to evolution.

My point? Not sure that I really have one, to be honest. I started this blog because it us somewhat common knowledge if you are a web dork like me that you should have a blog. But why? To highlight yourself? Well, that has always made me uncomfortable. To convey knowledge? Perhaps, but I have found that for me many personal blogs drip of simple regurgitation of items from other sites. I am not going to sit here and say that neither of those concepts will not see their way into this blog. But for now, I am going to think of this blog as my playground.

Remember when you were a kid, recess was the best. Why? The playground. It was where you explored. Where you conversed. And while you didn’t know it at the time, where you learned life lessons. You learned tossing a dirt clod at a girl was not code for “I like you”, at least not to her. You learned that there is always someone bigger than you. You learned how to talk to people. Really talk, not the distracted, half baked conversations most of us have now. It might have been about the latest G.I. Joe figure, but that was a passionate, engaged conversation. And you learned how to enjoy life. Friends, games, the whole bit.

I am going back to that. I am going back to the playground. I want to meet new people. I want to have passionate conversations. Most importantly, I want to do what I love; which is be creative. Sometimes it is writing, other times code or design. Might even be something new….but I am going to be creative.

And this is my playground. Welcome


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