Animated GIFs of cats rule the world

Back in the day, before memes became all the rage, the animated GIF was the bane of my exiestance. Well, not just me, but I think any web designer in the world.

For some reason that still escapes me, clients wanted to have animated GIFs on their sites. It would never fail, there would be someone who worked on the site who has some rudementary ability at photoshop, and though that it would be a GREAT idea to create an animated GIF. It would be a HUGE file, look horrific, destroy the page load, and just generally be a huge, digital turd. But because they were the client, I would have to run it.

Anyone that has worked on sites I am sure has run into this. I would try every way possible to talk the client out this, short of telling them that their GIF was as ugly as your drunk uncle’s holiday sweater. Sometimes it would work, and I would talk them out of it. But more often than not, by that point they had spent hours creating the monstrosoty, and were attached to it.

It got so bad for a time (right before everyone decided that flash would be the better option) that around the office it was a running joke, based on the old StrongBad movie where he gives advice about making a website. This movie created one of the best lines ever spoken

I mean, {resumes typing} James, the Internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens. You need to take advantage of that. {stops typing} I mean, you can make a webpage of your cat..

I highly encourage you to enjoy this fantastic StrongBad clip.    (I miss him)

So in honor of those great times gone by, I present a few of my favorite animated gifs of cats.

Anytime cats mess with other cats…it is always enjoyable
That game is dope

Cats when they get pissy is awesome

This one, well, it is a cat driving.  Outstanding

Anytime some dresses a cat up, it is instant comedy

And the cat that will rule the world

I would encourage you to hop down the rabbit hole of animated GIFs of cats.  A great place to start is one of my go to bookmarks, I Heart Cats.  And be sure to thank the godfather of all GIFs, IMO, Strongbad

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